[cosplay] UGUISUMARU

character / UGUISUMARU series / TOUKEN RANBU cosplayer / SAGA YUUI VX costume / SAGA YUUI VX photography / HEXLORD (BLACK RABBIT PHOTOGRAPHY) AHHHHH Uguisumaru.. the character in which I liked and in which I hid my liking for. I am those kinda person who keeps my ultimate fave characters secret and prepare the cosplay […]

159 [AFA 2012 — Day 1]

AFA-chan turned 5 years old. In the midst of complains and happiness, we grew up. Here are some of the images of AFA 2012 in Singapore. These cosplayers were so good they had been standing there for some time but still waited for me to take a good picture before they leave their pose. And […]