[cosplay event] BUNGOU STRAY DOG – ATSUSHI

I usually do not upload camwhores up here, but I truly enjoyed what would have been a boring event without my friends, and I REALLY wanted to show some of the funnier photos, as well as those with the other cosplayers I found with the same series!   from top L-R: stop pushing my face […]

[cosplay] UGUISUMARU

character / UGUISUMARU series / TOUKEN RANBU cosplayer / SAGA YUUI VX costume / SAGA YUUI VX photography / HEXLORD (BLACK RABBIT PHOTOGRAPHY) AHHHHH Uguisumaru.. the character in which I liked and in which I hid my liking for. I am those kinda person who keeps my ultimate fave characters secret and prepare the cosplay […]