[cosplay event] BUNGOU STRAY DOG – ATSUSHI

I usually do not upload camwhores up here, but I truly enjoyed what would have been a boring event without my friends, and I REALLY wanted to show some of the funnier photos, as well as those with the other cosplayers I found with the same series!   from top L-R: stop pushing my face […]

[NENDO] Haikyuu! {their weird quick}

i ii iii —- the other side of the net : the unimpressed king Featuring: Kageyama Tobio / Hinata Shouyo / Oikawa Tooru Chitchat: I have been collecting Oikawa merchandise reccently… and I was very much tempted by the Nendoroid. But, as i have been a heavy spender, both me and my friend both thought […]

[cosplay update] Kotoishi Naru

DEBUT OF THE YEAR! [CHARACTER] Kotoishi Naru [SERIES] Barakamon [PHOTOGRAPHER] Kamuiatmyrealm Photography OK, I must start by saying that I am really really very happy that I managed to cosplay Naru, and it wasn’t a cosfail. I guess  I am happy whenever I didn’t cosfail. But the thing is that while Naru was easy in the […]

AFA 2014

LATE UP! I almost forgot to update the blog here! As with everything else, when I am busy, I will always say “later, later”, until I completely forgot about it. Well, everything was in a rush as there are a lot of things happening before and after the event. There was barely any time to rest, but […]

Deceivers [a trip to the Trick Eye Museum]

Time for another reflection post! (Just cos I am awesome and I know it!) Alright, I’m kidding. The reason is because I am finally floating onto the surface again, able to breathe freely the marvelous air abovewater. The superby busy weekend whereby I ended my first official debut year of cosplay, established some schedule, and […]