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AFA was last weekend… and I am finally ready to post about it. After a rest of half a year after my last cosplay, I cosplayed at AFA. I was always going to cosplay at AFA anyway… just that I have changed my plans… because… things changed. My feelings have changed and I was filled with negativity about cosplay (my cosplay in general). It was something I struggled with, and also the reason why I declined an invitation to a group shoot. I need to find my place again, before I can move on.

But I am glad that for this year, I am reunited with my old friends again. I have been too far away from them the last years, and it was great to be back! It is great to go along with the flow that they created… that comfortable feeling. My AFA would not be great if not for their presence throughout the 3 days of the event!

On 1st day, we went with no team. I took Rainbow out as weretiger boy. Yes, I was Nakajima Atsushi from Bungo Stray Dogs, the gifted who can turn himself or parts of his body into a white tiger. It’s my speciality, the shounen type of character … I generally do well with that type. But I decided to try a different makeup from my first cosplay of that character and I am not too fancy of it.

On the 2nd day, we went with our promise from last year, to cosplay as the mothers of Love Live‘s muse members to cheer for our “daughters”. I was Mrs Nishikino, Maki’s mother. It was a comfortable cosplay, but the long hair is another semi-horror story I dislike. I went with a female style makeup, with blusher and etc. Love Live is known for it’s girlish colours and makeup style, though I don’t think my makeup is nice.

On the 3rd day, I formed another team with other old friends and cosplayed as V from Mystic Messenger. I will be honest… It was a super super comfortable thing to be able to cosplay as a male again!!!! V’s outfit is extremely comfortable, with which reflects his character. Also, I don’t need to do any eye-makeup. I also avoided contact lens (which means, I am true to the character of being a partial blind person) due to my overly-tired eyes after 2 days of contact lens. But it also means that I have a hard time seeing people & recognising people…. and in the end, I was focusing SO HARD on seeing that I have a hard time hearing as well. I am thankful for the compliments I received on this cosplay, especially because I generally have a hard time with matured male type. I saw some ways in which I can improve my cosplay, so I am thankful.

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Pic taken from Mizu. This photo is very 0A~! I am surprised Mizu did not realise it.

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I love bearguy!!!!! I LOVE MAMA BEARGUY!!! You guys know how much I love him?? I am sooo disappointed that after meeting everyone and finally passing their stuff back to them and having time to enjoy myself, I find this display blocked by … inconsiderate people. Mizu helped me clear them away and I was able to take this photo~ ❤

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and while Mizu ran away to attend to her autograph things, Aki and I went to the canon booths for photo. I am really thankful for the photos! I got a photo with Rainbow dear ❤ it’s so precious ❤ ❤ ❤ idk how to even start saying my thanks! Aki love my paws so I had her wear one for a photo together.

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2nd day!! Mom cheering squad! we are armed with pompoms, light sticks and fans! Many people who saw us and recognise us, I AM THANKFUL! I mean, not every lovelive fans recognised us, and what you guys did was amazing!! This is how close you guys were to the series!!

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Today is a SUPER RARE CHANCE to meet rin chan again!! I got so shocked seeing myself after I am done with makeup.. because I look so much like her?? We are twinnies today? Actually my eyes are dry naturally, and they react to contact lens badly, so after 1 day of contact lens, they are even more hooded… and that’s where the resemblance started.

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ANDDDD…. we are at day 3! I came after my lessons, so I figured no need to put on eye makeup. No need to overstress eyes unnecessarily. I did put on some shadow thou. My small team today involves Katou as 7 and Yan as MC. We make a good team, I must say. you HAVE to be comfortable with the people you cosplay with in order to have a good time!

 photo 15178179_10154116064170959_180201980980930328_n.jpg
with everyone!

 photo 15317782_10154124500180959_1458895056543913023_n.jpg
and … in the excitement of the event, I totally forgot one of my friends is attending as the MC of the game on the same day as I am cosplaying as one of the characters. I knew she is going in a wedding dress and that she has 43 wedding rings to propose to every cosplayer of that game she found. But she did not know that I am cosplaying as V. So… we have a weird and funny occurance where she turned up with her loud audio of the game’s music and yelled V and I am like, huh? And suddenly she is proposing to me, which is like, omg why is this so familiar?? It was only after she was on her knees and had grabbed my hands and is pushing the ring box in my directions that I realised who she mUST be. Later, I realised that my classmate was around and that she had taken this photo…… to my shock. And another classmate was right there. But due to bad vision + a shock + bad hearing, I didn’t sense anything. But he’s right there in the photo.. lols.

Anyway, this round up my exciting event. This opened up opportunities to meet new friends, and also plan more cosplay with my old friends. I am not adding new cosplay with new friends or people I am not close with… I am sorry…

Also, I am thankful to the people who kept assuring me that I look ok as Maki’s mom.. thank you!! But I am going to stick to mostly guys’ cosplay … I really do feel more comfortable as a dude.


{anime} 91 days

I am attacked with feels. I was hesitant to watch each and every episode of 91 days, from the start to the end. I know what kind of anime it is. I know it will be very nice/interesting. I also know it will be a very painful to watch. Sometimes you know it is good but you cannot touch it. Sometimes you just cannot touch it.

There are so many painful relationship to watch in 91 days, but I focus on the main one – Angelo (Avilio) and Nero. I think from the start, it was hard for them to kill each other… and yet, they had to. Nero, when he started the mafia career, had to kill a kid Angelo… and Angelo who came back to revenge his family… had to get close to Nero and kill this brotherly and easy-going  but loyal fellow.

At the end of the day, what I felt is, they managed to reach a common point.. it was hard. I felt tears coming out just typing this… but I am also at peace… because of the peace between the two at the end. And what I wanted to record here, is that peace.

Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 11.46.36 am

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Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 11.47.04 am.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 11.47.11 am.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 11.47.21 am.png

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{mystic messenger} a penny worth bag of thoughts


{mystic messenger} aka Mistake Messenger. Do not mistake it. It has nothing to do with Pokemon Go or Team Mystic, though I wish it is something this cool. but alas, it is not. Today is my 8th day on my 2nd route. The days are starting to get heavy. I can feel it already on the 7th day. After all, I have been through this once before. The phone beeped and I read quietly as my friend warned me of the 8th day on Jumin’s route. I didn’t think much then… but now that I have fully woken up and is not just clicking the phone at insane hours to catch the chats while trying to open my eyes, I realised how true her words are. It doesn’t matter whose route you are on. I am not yet on Jumin’s route, but the 8th day is already starting to be heavy.

My routes so far:

  • Yoosung X good ending
    name used: “Frankenstein” & “Tom, Dick & Harry”
    managed to confuse my friend into thinking that there were more people in the chat than there should be.
  • Prologue X bad ending (I was bored and itching to play MM even though my work schedule doesn’t allow me to keep up with the chats and I would rather not restart after missing too many chats)
  • Jaehee  >>>>> 8th day
    name used: “(.__.)”
    managed to make V use an emoticon.

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 7.48.53 am

Just so you guys know, I have been trying to avoid MM… I don’t like to just jump into a fandom like that especially since I am not social enough to handle so many group chats…. I just cannot! I can’t! I backed away instantly even though Jumin visually attracts me. Also, I have never played otome games before. It is just not my type at all. I cannot do all the overly girly girly things … until I heard Yoosung’s phone call with regards to Jumin’s cat…. I gave in. It was too funny and I am addicted to fun.

So I downloaded the game, and experimented. Before we get to really play, we get treated to a video of the opening. oK. Super korean drama feel!!! Beautiful visuals, and who is that?? My eye was caught by the blue-haired figure who wasn’t in the promotional images. I immediately enquired about him, but the reply msg wasn’t hopeful. “He doesn’t have a route.” Later, I gave my heart to him. I remember ranting, “this isn’t what I signed up for!! I signed up for Jumin!!” but you know how your heart doesn’t follow your intentions.

Anyway, back to the game. It was hard OTL. I constantly imagined myself as an outsider, and not part of the cast. It is how it is supposed to be.. therefore my answers are not as warm as they should be, I guess? It is hard also, for example, when you have to sympathise with the character but you actually want to tell the character to buck up. You have to be more passionate, when you actually don’t really care about it. A simple cold answer you decided to give is viewed as being MEAN and broke a “heart” you worked hard to attain. You wanted to lighten the mood and joke a little, cause your heart goes out to the characters, but your joke hurts the character.. ARGHHH. And then there are times where your reply earned a heart from a character but broke one from the other character??!! This is so real life… All in all, mystic messenger is teaching me to reply properly to people instead of being awkward all the time. -…- I get things like, ok, I have a bad feeling about this answer though this is what I would go for normally.

  • Just look. How can “whatever happens will happen” be insensitive to his worry??I know you are worried so I am trying to calm you down omg. I have a hard time, really.. this is my normal reply and I thought I am save.

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 7.51.00 am

OK, I shouldn’t paste too much in case people complain… but all in all, I wanted to say,

  • Mystic Messenger is very Korean drama style. There are many deep plots and it is really well thought out… so you get to enjoy the story all the while interacting with the characters which is something very different from what you get usually? I am changing my views of otome games, lols. You can choose which route you want to get and work hard from there, and in that way, have power over the story however small it is.
  • In that way, it pulls you in… I can no longer be the “outsider” I once consider myself to be. I feel like even though I am not a part of the gang, I am Yoosung’s noona, Jaehee’s female friend that maybe she can talk to if she doesn’t have anyone to talk to. Seven is buddy who I can joke with and Zen is the caring friend…. Jumin…. idk man. I am waiting to see how it folds, but he’s the one character that is nearest to me in terms of practically and logic… but that is not to say that I have his “weirdness” and “overbearing”.
  • I didn’t think it is possible, but I am hooked. I also changed my mind about the bad endings. I don’t want them.
  • It is currently teaching me how to be less awkward/cold and be nicer in my replies. I even managed to learn some new words that apparently youngsters use?
  • … but please.. give me my V. Let me have a future with V even if it is in virtual.

Sorry, I do not know why it is important that I type these words, sentences… these are my feelings right now. Sacrificing my sleep so much that I am a zombie for weeks… I know that I will return back to reality when it is gone.. but I really want to thank Cheritz for this game. I didn’t want to play as I had doubts.. I didn’t trust myself, but once I decided to play it, there wasn’t a drop of regret. I knew what I had to do, and I enjoyed myself immensely.

[cosplay event] BUNGOU STRAY DOG – ATSUSHI

I usually do not upload camwhores up here, but I truly enjoyed what would have been a boring event without my friends, and I REALLY wanted to show some of the funnier photos, as well as those with the other cosplayers I found with the same series!


from top L-R: stop pushing my face away, just accept my love / ooh, I have never seen someone with such serene smile when they are being touched / with Kenji-senpai / with Yosano-sensei / omg! Akutagawa is nearby! I need to run away soon! / with the tantei boys (Doppo, Ranpo and Dazai) / Iwa-san is stealing my heart~~~ nooo! / such a blissed expresson / why you no like me? / another happy to be touched hahaha / with oikawa / omg! so stern, I am scared! / special mention: DIGIMON!!!!

lols, x.



THIS IS SNEAK PREVIEW OK! I didn’t even share this in other cosplay platforms other than Alyssa posting it in FB and me sharing it. This is the results of our Love Live in Mall series!!

Honoka * Akiwatari
Hanayo * Mizurei
Maki * Yuui

Photographer * Alyssa HY Chan
Editor * Alyssa HY Chan


After I have stopped gushing on how pretty the photos are, I have to admit that my makeup is ruined. Hahaha. This one is where I had trouble with contact lens after two consecutive cosplay shoots, which had left my eyes way too dry. This, plus the fact that I had to put on makeup outside added onto the troubles whereby my eyemakeup is compromised. No cap to hide it either.



This level of gorgeous-ness  is seriously overwhelming. And this is one of those SUPER RARE shoots where there is nothing for me to edit. The photographer had overdone herself~ I really hope to be able to shoot continuously with Alyssa~






Bye guys, Lots of Love ❤

[NENDO] Haikyuu! {their weird quick}




the other side of the net : the unimpressed king

Kageyama Tobio / Hinata Shouyo / Oikawa Tooru

I have been collecting Oikawa merchandise reccently… and I was very much tempted by the Nendoroid. But, as i have been a heavy spender, both me and my friend both thought I should not spend on it. My main reason is that I hate for Oikawa to be alone. However, as Tsukishima nendo has been released and it reminded me A LOT of Tachibana Sugane… so I guess that was another reason why I wanted it.. other than those xian bian expressions. So of course, by a major and slightly complex network of Malaysians friends, I have managed to buy a set of three for myself. I am glad I did not have to wait for one by one to come out and decide if I want to buy it. I dislike shopping like this.


[closed door cosplay] Quinn Erari

character / QUINN ERARI
cosplayer / SAGA YUUI VX
photo / SAGA YUUI VX

The 2nd and last of my closed door shoots! I was originally scheduling one more, but there wasn’t any time to do it in the middle of the move. I didn’t have time to do the wig properly…. the curling wasn’t well done. I literally just curled it and then cosplayed it. It was a mess cos I was half packing. Hahahhaa. Still, I am glad that I completed this before I moved. There will not be another chance to do this as if it was a real office otherwise. 😛

~ VX

[close door cosplay] YUKKI

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 9.40.17 pm.png

character / YUKIMURA TOHRU
cosplayer / SAGA YUUI VX
photography / SAGA YUUI VX

Before I moved out of the clubhouse #1, I wanted to make use of the furniture that I have obtained with my own sweat and money and do a couple of close door shoots. It brings me back to the days where I used to self-shoot due to a lack of models…. I don’t have the thick-skin to ask people to model for me… I mean, who am I? So I am my sole topic.

Yukki was one of the close door shoots I aimed to do, but it wasn’t the first. But it ended up being the first I did it. I came home from my lessons and decided to just go ahead and cosplay Yukki because of the clothes I was wearing. There came a mad rush to get all the tidbits, soft drinks and anything that looks like what Yukki has. I made two trips because after my first trip, I went back and watched the episode again and saw that there were more things. It was very tiring, but a little fun.

~ VX

[cosplay] TSUKUYOMI

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 9.40.35 pm

character / TSUKUYOMI (Tsukito Totsuka)
cosplayer / SAGA YUUI VX
photography / SAM FOTOGRAPHY

Ahhhh this cosplay~ to be honest, this cosplay was not a lot of joy. Whenever there is a cosplay… when you want to do a cosplay; when you do that cosplay; as you do that cosplay, it’s never all joy and enjoyment. For most of the journey, there were lots of sweats as you rushed to get the essentials you need, there were tears of frustration when things didn’t go the way you theorised it, and there definitely were a lot of money thrown down the drain as you realised you bought the wrong item. However, in the middle of all these, there was always the small sparks of joy as you imagined yourself in the cosplay, enjoying yourself with your friends and just trying to be that special character for that one day….

but this joy was never there in the beginning. Therefore, I was rather surprised that the photos came out this way. While I did put in a good amount of effort to ensure that the photos would at least look half good, I had to admit it that I was not very optimistic as I went along with the propping. I must say…. it is a good surprise! Now, if only all the photos were to come! One more shoot and I am done with this cosplay!

❤ VX

[cosplay] UGUISUMARU

uguisumaru by hexlord

character / UGUISUMARU
cosplayer / SAGA YUUI VX
costume / SAGA YUUI VX

AHHHHH Uguisumaru.. the character in which I liked and in which I hid my liking for. I am those kinda person who keeps my ultimate fave characters secret and prepare the cosplay in secret, until it is time to cosplay it. Then, people are like, YOU LIKE HIM? Not very vocal, I know…. but I think action speaks louder than words? And as my friend says, he is a very quiet kinda character so our love for him is the quiet kinda love. hahaha. He’s the second touken ranbu character in which I did in secret and then unleash in event. I enjoyed it. The only complain is that his outfit… while his design is very beautiful and sexy (in a non-sexual way if you get what I mean), it takes a long time to work, and this sword has to be very very light in order for it to be able to hang onto the waist.

Also, I am glad for Mai and CH, who were my cosplay partners below in the series of shoots taken by MAXWELL PHOTOGRAPHY.

ugu tsuru ichi mem1ugu tsuru ichi meme 2

These memories are absolutely precious and I am thankful for the friends who make them with me! ❤ I will forever remember these beautiful times… how can I ever regret this? It’s impossible. Cosplay is much too precious.

<3, VX