character / Red Blood Cell (♂ + ♀) series / Hataraku Saibou (Cells at Work) cosplayer / SAGA YUUI VX / Javier photography / Ryusei Kan edit / Ryusei Kan / SAGA YUUI VX Thanks Javier for allowing me to pull him into this cosplay. It was a little stressful to assemble and amend/make parts of the outfit. It is always […]

❴Cosplay prop❵ the making of RBC hat

Good day~ //once again, please note that this is a image intensive blog, the images may take longer to load, therefore please wait a little while as you cheer the servers on!// I was hesitating on cosplaying HATASAIBOU for a while because I really like the series and the characters, I am not sure if […]

❴Cosplay prop❵ the making of 赵小烦

Morning/Good Afternoon/Evening to everyone! Today, I present to you this precious boy. So I have no idea why I am cosplaying this boyboy. ;p All I know is that I do find some of the professionals in this game rather cute. They have their own personality and their backstories. While I do cosplay minor or […]

-COSPLAY- Urashima Kotetsu //TOUKEN RANBU

character / Urashima Kotetsu series / Touken Ranbu cosplayer / SAGA YUUI VX photography / Ryusei Kan edit / Ryusei Kan wig styled by / Akiwatari Piyo Kai Ny… Good day, people. Good morning if it is morning for you, Good afternoon if it is afternoon over there. Good evening if it is approaching evening already! I realised I have […]

❴Cosplay prop❵ Anna’s beads

Ergh. I forgot to post. Haha opps. Erm. There’s Nothing much, actually. It’s rather simple but I like it so I’m posting here. This marks the entire expenditure for my Anna cosplay: The beads (and the elastic string that comes with it, free of charge). The tassel is made of normal red thread and I […]

[COSPLAY] charaexpo 2017

So many weeks have past and I’ve finally remembered to make a post. My day 1 was V. I guess people got tired of seeing my V but sorry I’m unapologetic. I wanted to cosplay him one more time before the contact lens expire. And this marks the end of a certain journey for my […]