Youkan collection

Hello! How’s ur week? I’m entering into my long holiday soon so I hope things go smoothly today. It’s not Thursday but I’m throwing back to my youkan visit with W. Such delicious looking sweets! I do appreciate the efforts they took to collect the sweets all in one location! We tried some of the […]

Recent splurges

I am extremely tempted to spend my money. It’s such a good feeling. The only thing is, I’m broke. /Laughs/ Anyway these things make me happy. I can’t wait for pay to come again so I can spend again. Listing things to buy as priorities is really a pain in the ass. Recently I’ve been […]

[COSPLAY] charaexpo 2017

So many weeks have past and I’ve finally remembered to make a post. My day 1 was V. I guess people got tired of seeing my V but sorry I’m unapologetic. I wanted to cosplay him one more time before the contact lens expire. And this marks the end of a certain journey for my […]


Do I need to explain ita-bag? Ok maybe I’ll. Ita-bag is a bag filled with merchandise on the bag to be showcased (shown off) to the world. Basically you are showing off your love for your fandom. Ita is a Japanese term for pain. Ita-bag is pain bag. The pain encompasses 1) paying for the […]