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 photo 15179031_10154109816610959_4284899974798183378_n.jpg
AFA was last weekend… and I am finally ready to post about it. After a rest of half a year after my last cosplay, I cosplayed at AFA. I was always going to cosplay at AFA anyway… just that I have changed my plans… because… things changed. My feelings have changed and I was filled with negativity about cosplay (my cosplay in general). It was something I struggled with, and also the reason why I declined an invitation to a group shoot. I need to find my place again, before I can move on.

But I am glad that for this year, I am reunited with my old friends again. I have been too far away from them the last years, and it was great to be back! It is great to go along with the flow that they created… that comfortable feeling. My AFA would not be great if not for their presence throughout the 3 days of the event!

On 1st day, we went with no team. I took Rainbow out as weretiger boy. Yes, I was Nakajima Atsushi from Bungo Stray Dogs, the gifted who can turn himself or parts of his body into a white tiger. It’s my speciality, the shounen type of character … I generally do well with that type. But I decided to try a different makeup from my first cosplay of that character and I am not too fancy of it.

On the 2nd day, we went with our promise from last year, to cosplay as the mothers of Love Live‘s muse members to cheer for our “daughters”. I was Mrs Nishikino, Maki’s mother. It was a comfortable cosplay, but the long hair is another semi-horror story I dislike. I went with a female style makeup, with blusher and etc. Love Live is known for it’s girlish colours and makeup style, though I don’t think my makeup is nice.

On the 3rd day, I formed another team with other old friends and cosplayed as V from Mystic Messenger. I will be honest… It was a super super comfortable thing to be able to cosplay as a male again!!!! V’s outfit is extremely comfortable, with which reflects his character. Also, I don’t need to do any eye-makeup. I also avoided contact lens (which means, I am true to the character of being a partial blind person) due to my overly-tired eyes after 2 days of contact lens. But it also means that I have a hard time seeing people & recognising people…. and in the end, I was focusing SO HARD on seeing that I have a hard time hearing as well. I am thankful for the compliments I received on this cosplay, especially because I generally have a hard time with matured male type. I saw some ways in which I can improve my cosplay, so I am thankful.

 photo 15219417_10154748010372733_1400317649314886561_n.jpg
Pic taken from Mizu. This photo is very 0A~! I am surprised Mizu did not realise it.

 photo 15181130_10154109941365959_692992986347499901_n.jpg
I love bearguy!!!!! I LOVE MAMA BEARGUY!!! You guys know how much I love him?? I am sooo disappointed that after meeting everyone and finally passing their stuff back to them and having time to enjoy myself, I find this display blocked by … inconsiderate people. Mizu helped me clear them away and I was able to take this photo~ ❤

 photo 15232068_10154104793480959_5202708310299879491_n.jpg
and while Mizu ran away to attend to her autograph things, Aki and I went to the canon booths for photo. I am really thankful for the photos! I got a photo with Rainbow dear ❤ it’s so precious ❤ ❤ ❤ idk how to even start saying my thanks! Aki love my paws so I had her wear one for a photo together.

 photo 15203275_10154748012317733_9049339231341149889_n.jpg
2nd day!! Mom cheering squad! we are armed with pompoms, light sticks and fans! Many people who saw us and recognise us, I AM THANKFUL! I mean, not every lovelive fans recognised us, and what you guys did was amazing!! This is how close you guys were to the series!!

 photo 15230724_10154322308978645_8097942388033391910_n.jpg
Today is a SUPER RARE CHANCE to meet rin chan again!! I got so shocked seeing myself after I am done with makeup.. because I look so much like her?? We are twinnies today? Actually my eyes are dry naturally, and they react to contact lens badly, so after 1 day of contact lens, they are even more hooded… and that’s where the resemblance started.

 photo 15241763_10154116056960959_9009546145815504114_n.jpg
ANDDDD…. we are at day 3! I came after my lessons, so I figured no need to put on eye makeup. No need to overstress eyes unnecessarily. I did put on some shadow thou. My small team today involves Katou as 7 and Yan as MC. We make a good team, I must say. you HAVE to be comfortable with the people you cosplay with in order to have a good time!

 photo 15178179_10154116064170959_180201980980930328_n.jpg
with everyone!

 photo 15317782_10154124500180959_1458895056543913023_n.jpg
and … in the excitement of the event, I totally forgot one of my friends is attending as the MC of the game on the same day as I am cosplaying as one of the characters. I knew she is going in a wedding dress and that she has 43 wedding rings to propose to every cosplayer of that game she found. But she did not know that I am cosplaying as V. So… we have a weird and funny occurance where she turned up with her loud audio of the game’s music and yelled V and I am like, huh? And suddenly she is proposing to me, which is like, omg why is this so familiar?? It was only after she was on her knees and had grabbed my hands and is pushing the ring box in my directions that I realised who she mUST be. Later, I realised that my classmate was around and that she had taken this photo…… to my shock. And another classmate was right there. But due to bad vision + a shock + bad hearing, I didn’t sense anything. But he’s right there in the photo.. lols.

Anyway, this round up my exciting event. This opened up opportunities to meet new friends, and also plan more cosplay with my old friends. I am not adding new cosplay with new friends or people I am not close with… I am sorry…

Also, I am thankful to the people who kept assuring me that I look ok as Maki’s mom.. thank you!! But I am going to stick to mostly guys’ cosplay … I really do feel more comfortable as a dude.

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