{mystic messenger} a penny worth bag of thoughts


{mystic messenger} aka Mistake Messenger. Do not mistake it. It has nothing to do with Pokemon Go or Team Mystic, though I wish it is something this cool. but alas, it is not. Today is my 8th day on my 2nd route. The days are starting to get heavy. I can feel it already on the 7th day. After all, I have been through this once before. The phone beeped and I read quietly as my friend warned me of the 8th day on Jumin’s route. I didn’t think much then… but now that I have fully woken up and is not just clicking the phone at insane hours to catch the chats while trying to open my eyes, I realised how true her words are. It doesn’t matter whose route you are on. I am not yet on Jumin’s route, but the 8th day is already starting to be heavy.

My routes so far:

  • Yoosung X good ending
    name used: “Frankenstein” & “Tom, Dick & Harry”
    managed to confuse my friend into thinking that there were more people in the chat than there should be.
  • Prologue X bad ending (I was bored and itching to play MM even though my work schedule doesn’t allow me to keep up with the chats and I would rather not restart after missing too many chats)
  • Jaehee  >>>>> 8th day
    name used: “(.__.)”
    managed to make V use an emoticon.

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 7.48.53 am

Just so you guys know, I have been trying to avoid MM… I don’t like to just jump into a fandom like that especially since I am not social enough to handle so many group chats…. I just cannot! I can’t! I backed away instantly even though Jumin visually attracts me. Also, I have never played otome games before. It is just not my type at all. I cannot do all the overly girly girly things … until I heard Yoosung’s phone call with regards to Jumin’s cat…. I gave in. It was too funny and I am addicted to fun.

So I downloaded the game, and experimented. Before we get to really play, we get treated to a video of the opening. oK. Super korean drama feel!!! Beautiful visuals, and who is that?? My eye was caught by the blue-haired figure who wasn’t in the promotional images. I immediately enquired about him, but the reply msg wasn’t hopeful. “He doesn’t have a route.” Later, I gave my heart to him. I remember ranting, “this isn’t what I signed up for!! I signed up for Jumin!!” but you know how your heart doesn’t follow your intentions.

Anyway, back to the game. It was hard OTL. I constantly imagined myself as an outsider, and not part of the cast. It is how it is supposed to be.. therefore my answers are not as warm as they should be, I guess? It is hard also, for example, when you have to sympathise with the character but you actually want to tell the character to buck up. You have to be more passionate, when you actually don’t really care about it. A simple cold answer you decided to give is viewed as being MEAN and broke a “heart” you worked hard to attain. You wanted to lighten the mood and joke a little, cause your heart goes out to the characters, but your joke hurts the character.. ARGHHH. And then there are times where your reply earned a heart from a character but broke one from the other character??!! This is so real life… All in all, mystic messenger is teaching me to reply properly to people instead of being awkward all the time. -…- I get things like, ok, I have a bad feeling about this answer though this is what I would go for normally.

  • Just look. How can “whatever happens will happen” be insensitive to his worry??I know you are worried so I am trying to calm you down omg. I have a hard time, really.. this is my normal reply and I thought I am save.

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 7.51.00 am

OK, I shouldn’t paste too much in case people complain… but all in all, I wanted to say,

  • Mystic Messenger is very Korean drama style. There are many deep plots and it is really well thought out… so you get to enjoy the story all the while interacting with the characters which is something very different from what you get usually? I am changing my views of otome games, lols. You can choose which route you want to get and work hard from there, and in that way, have power over the story however small it is.
  • In that way, it pulls you in… I can no longer be the “outsider” I once consider myself to be. I feel like even though I am not a part of the gang, I am Yoosung’s noona, Jaehee’s female friend that maybe she can talk to if she doesn’t have anyone to talk to. Seven is buddy who I can joke with and Zen is the caring friend…. Jumin…. idk man. I am waiting to see how it folds, but he’s the one character that is nearest to me in terms of practically and logic… but that is not to say that I have his “weirdness” and “overbearing”.
  • I didn’t think it is possible, but I am hooked. I also changed my mind about the bad endings. I don’t want them.
  • It is currently teaching me how to be less awkward/cold and be nicer in my replies. I even managed to learn some new words that apparently youngsters use?
  • … but please.. give me my V. Let me have a future with V even if it is in virtual.

Sorry, I do not know why it is important that I type these words, sentences… these are my feelings right now. Sacrificing my sleep so much that I am a zombie for weeks… I know that I will return back to reality when it is gone.. but I really want to thank Cheritz for this game. I didn’t want to play as I had doubts.. I didn’t trust myself, but once I decided to play it, there wasn’t a drop of regret. I knew what I had to do, and I enjoyed myself immensely.

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