[cosplay event] BUNGOU STRAY DOG – ATSUSHI

I usually do not upload camwhores up here, but I truly enjoyed what would have been a boring event without my friends, and I REALLY wanted to show some of the funnier photos, as well as those with the other cosplayers I found with the same series!


from top L-R: stop pushing my face away, just accept my love / ooh, I have never seen someone with such serene smile when they are being touched / with Kenji-senpai / with Yosano-sensei / omg! Akutagawa is nearby! I need to run away soon! / with the tantei boys (Doppo, Ranpo and Dazai) / Iwa-san is stealing my heart~~~ nooo! / such a blissed expresson / why you no like me? / another happy to be touched hahaha / with oikawa / omg! so stern, I am scared! / special mention: DIGIMON!!!!

lols, x.


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