[close door cosplay] YUKKI

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 9.40.17 pm.png

character / YUKIMURA TOHRU
cosplayer / SAGA YUUI VX
photography / SAGA YUUI VX

Before I moved out of the clubhouse #1, I wanted to make use of the furniture that I have obtained with my own sweat and money and do a couple of close door shoots. It brings me back to the days where I used to self-shoot due to a lack of models…. I don’t have the thick-skin to ask people to model for me… I mean, who am I? So I am my sole topic.

Yukki was one of the close door shoots I aimed to do, but it wasn’t the first. But it ended up being the first I did it. I came home from my lessons and decided to just go ahead and cosplay Yukki because of the clothes I was wearing. There came a mad rush to get all the tidbits, soft drinks and anything that looks like what Yukki has. I made two trips because after my first trip, I went back and watched the episode again and saw that there were more things. It was very tiring, but a little fun.

~ VX


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