[cosplay] TSUKUYOMI

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 9.40.35 pm

character / TSUKUYOMI (Tsukito Totsuka)
cosplayer / SAGA YUUI VX
photography / SAM FOTOGRAPHY

Ahhhh this cosplay~ to be honest, this cosplay was not a lot of joy. Whenever there is a cosplay… when you want to do a cosplay; when you do that cosplay; as you do that cosplay, it’s never all joy and enjoyment. For most of the journey, there were lots of sweats as you rushed to get the essentials you need, there were tears of frustration when things didn’t go the way you theorised it, and there definitely were a lot of money thrown down the drain as you realised you bought the wrong item. However, in the middle of all these, there was always the small sparks of joy as you imagined yourself in the cosplay, enjoying yourself with your friends and just trying to be that special character for that one day….

but this joy was never there in the beginning. Therefore, I was rather surprised that the photos came out this way. While I did put in a good amount of effort to ensure that the photos would at least look half good, I had to admit it that I was not very optimistic as I went along with the propping. I must say…. it is a good surprise! Now, if only all the photos were to come! One more shoot and I am done with this cosplay!

❤ VX

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