[cosplay] UGUISUMARU

uguisumaru by hexlord

character / UGUISUMARU
cosplayer / SAGA YUUI VX
costume / SAGA YUUI VX

AHHHHH Uguisumaru.. the character in which I liked and in which I hid my liking for. I am those kinda person who keeps my ultimate fave characters secret and prepare the cosplay in secret, until it is time to cosplay it. Then, people are like, YOU LIKE HIM? Not very vocal, I know…. but I think action speaks louder than words? And as my friend says, he is a very quiet kinda character so our love for him is the quiet kinda love. hahaha. He’s the second touken ranbu character in which I did in secret and then unleash in event. I enjoyed it. The only complain is that his outfit… while his design is very beautiful and sexy (in a non-sexual way if you get what I mean), it takes a long time to work, and this sword has to be very very light in order for it to be able to hang onto the waist.

Also, I am glad for Mai and CH, who were my cosplay partners below in the series of shoots taken by MAXWELL PHOTOGRAPHY.

ugu tsuru ichi mem1ugu tsuru ichi meme 2

These memories are absolutely precious and I am thankful for the friends who make them with me! ❤ I will forever remember these beautiful times… how can I ever regret this? It’s impossible. Cosplay is much too precious.

<3, VX

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