Touken Ranbu [刀剑乱舞]COSCARD Smith Version

HoYA! So the plot I have been plotting in my head is finally realised/revealed! So I uploaded these photos on the net as I completed the work on the touken ranbu coscards for smith-san. In case you are wondering, Coscards are a way for cosplayers to get to know each other by having their contact on a small piece of card – bascially, a business card for hobbists (because cosplaying is a hobby!!). Some cosplayers have just one design of coscards, but most cosplayers have a variety of designs because it’s only then that we can feature all the many cosplays we do! There are cosplayers who came to Singapore and commented that our coscards culture is rather like trading cards – we trade coscards and each of us pull out a set of pretty/colourful coscards. Yes, this is the style in which I have been working towards. My coscards must always have that special something that other’s don’t have. I am working out a set of playing cards for myself you see! hahaha.

So, for a while, I have been waiting for the perfect piece of photo that some talented person took for my smith cosplay, so that I can execute it. When I saw Leon’s photo of my cosplay (click on the link), I knew it was the one. This coscard took me the longest to make, and it is also the most expensive, mainly because I wanted the super glossy effected we had on our pottermore cards (same thing, just in different fandom) so finally, after all the hard work, I managed to pull it through. The alignment is a little off, but well, I am too tired to do anything about that. And the cutting might not be too straight, but here you go!!!


In Touken Ranbu, different types of swords have different forging time, and I wanted to show that in my cards too. Furthermore, the smith can only make the original (initial) 42 swords, therefore, there will only 42 sets of these coscards. NO MORE, NO LESS. I will not be re-printing them, which is why I will not be giving them out like nobody’s business. These are limited edition, man. I will be making another smith card (I hope) with another design. I actually realised how great these are for desk cover!! lols.

Because of the number of cards (42), I have 2 cards which did not fit into the template. These are made into normal, lesser glossy kinds.


So bascially, the normal cards in which I will be dispensing are the white ones (5th design, if I didn’t remember wrongly) which are the 2nd latest design. The cards are shuffled and slotted into bushido road sleeves for cardfight. I am so lucky these come in time for when I made my cards. Really, I think I delayed my card making though, just so that I can distribute with the sleeves. The thing is, it reminds me of when I first started touken ranbu. I was … trying to decide my starter sword, and I was stuck between Kashuu and Yoshiyuki. In the end, I went with Kashuu, so now, I had Yoshiyuki. Then, when Kon-chan, the mascot of the game, run you through the game, you would also smith a sword for yourself at the smithy room. Therefore, it is like, having a starter card and a new-born card, in which you start playing your game with.


AND TA-DA~ They were slotted into my Touken ranbu kogi cardfight deckbox, waiting for their fated owners to pick them out in lottery style. Hahaha. No cheating, guys.

<3, smith


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