[cosplay] SWORDSMITH

cosplay and outfit by xlandar
photo by Leon Mah


So after the 7 year old kiddo, my next cosplay debut for the year is the figure everyone loves to hate – the “papa” of 42 swords, The swordsmith in TOUKEN RANBU. I cosplayed it knowing that i would most likely face things that are not pretty. I was aware of that, and I kept going. Because i am a cosplayer, and I am raised of the older generation. I cosplay him because I want to cosplay this character; I like this character to a certain extend that I pulled my friend to cloth shopping with me to ensure the correct cloth is chosen, spend a week trying to figure out how to make something I have never made before. I did not get a backache bent over the cloth on the floor working it for people who hated him. I did this cause he never spoke a word to me in the entire game but yet gave me so many members of my team. In some part of my heart, he is a very special chibisuke.

Other than that, he is a very enjoyable character to cosplay. I get to troll people and shock people with my cosplay. His outfit is easy to put on and yet very well coordinated. He doesn’t look too simple or too complicated. Plus I get to decide/customise my own version of him, which is something in which other characters who did not have. The freedom i get from cosplaying him is refreshing. Nobody thought I would do swordsmith, so everyone was surprised. I like to surprise everyone. I like the swordsmith. Thank you, dear, for forging so many swords for me, and for keep trying to forge on. That being said, because of this cosplay, I learnt something new, made more new things, and this is the first time I made 90% of an outfit on my own! Only the wig and the socks and the geta and the contacts where not made by me. 


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