[Cosplay prop] Gun Holster

Hiya~ Long time no see! So I have been pressing a lot of pause on gaming in favour of propping. I am happy to say that I am finishing stuff up. While I dislike tough props, easy props were always a happy process~ I love how things look when I first conceptualise it in my head, halfway through the propping and finally seeing the end product~ But I don’t really like it when I am staring at the raw materials and wondering how to cut or start. That is always the most difficult. M always says to make a template/prototype/testing first, but… my lazy + impatient formular = NO WAY!!! I mean, after I successfully made a prototype, I have to remake the actual one? zzzzz I feel tired suddenly.

In any case, I never really take in progress pictures. This time I figured I will take one after I am more or less done w the crafting and then I thought  I will take more, like painting and stuff. Yikes. Not from start, but who cares.

So anyway, this is the paint that I am using for the main base. Ho ho ho, my art supplies from my student times always save me~ So I have a mix of student supplies plus other supplies I got after that for crafting.  The next picture is the base itself while in progress of making. You can see some pencil marking (for hole). While painting, I often find myself with different shade. I prefer darker shade for this prop, but too much of it is not good~ and jiang jiang jiang jiang, the final product~ with the gun (that still needs work on)

zzz3 zzz2

zzz1 zzz4

Not a propmaster here (forever amateur level man) but I like to prop/make stuff cos it reminds me of my art lessons in schools. It’s a happy hobby, you know~


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