[cosplay update] Kotoishi Naru


[CHARACTER] Kotoishi Naru
[SERIES] Barakamon
[PHOTOGRAPHER] Kamuiatmyrealm Photography

OK, I must start by saying that I am really really very happy that I managed to cosplay Naru, and it wasn’t a cosfail. I guess  I am happy whenever I didn’t cosfail. But the thing is that while Naru was easy in the sense that she did not have any complex outfit – her outfit is perfectly casual. The only thing that was really difficult… was as what my friend said: the size is wrong.

As an adult, I feel pretty awkward cosplaying a 7 year old character. I am not confident that I am able to pull Naru off. But I wanted to try being her for one day, after being touched and semi-inspired by her… especially when Naru felt like a sometimes irritating character initially. Well, you know what they say: just do it.

At the end of the day, I was rewarded. First. Even though not it’s not a popular character, I had my pictures. I really want to thank the photographers who helped. Then, to add to the joy, after we decided to end the day (after less than 2 hours of attending the event on my side) in favour for some food, I was stopped by this dude who asked if  I am Naru. That question stunned me for I did not ever think I would be stopped by anyone who recognised my character. What was even more surprising was that he was so happy! We took a picture, and he thanked me for cosplaying Naru, which I felt was not justified. I should be the one thanking him for recognising me.


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