Happy New Year!!!

So everyone was busy compiling their cosplay list for 2014 and I was busy watching anime and feeling the nerves for 2015. I had complained to sooo many people about 2014 that I really don’t know what to think. When 2012 happened, I thought it thought it can’t get any worst. When 2013 happened, I sort of give up on hoping that my year will not keep up the bad streak. BUT!!! After a breakdown, things took a turn for the better! I don’t think I feel it cos I was too busy trying to straighen my life and finally living it! So I guess that’s why things turn out good. I decided to stop waiting for it to be better and just live it as it is, creating as many good memories as I can as I go along.

So thank you! To everyone who gave me a saiko 2014. I look forward to seeing you guys again in 2015!! Here’s to working hard and having fun and making things happen! People in Schrodinger’s Experiments are like my extended family, so please know that I am sparing a moment for each and everyone of you to smile and think fond memories about.


Chuugakkou Hange } Ichimonji
Levi } Xu Yun
Hange } Saga Yuui VX

Photographer/Assist } Mizurei / Zero X Cross Photography


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