Zero Antiquity 2014 – Mystical Beasts

SAM_8074e1 wm low

Mizurei as Scales, the Basilisk
Akiwatari as lessa Rhapsode, the Ouroborus
Saga Yuui as Kin, the Kirin

When I saw the photos of myself in the computer last night before I switched off stargazer, I ‘kya’-ed internally. Well, the omakes photos look better than the normal ones. I will admit. But last night, I successfully transformed into a male asian mystical beast – a KIRIN who has lost his one horn (he’s ancient, so that explains a lot).

[the design]

In the first place, when I first designed Kin, he was a character who was dark and silent, much like the ancient tales. My main colour theme was a black base with generous splashes of gold. Then, I evolved. Since I had more than a year to make the costume, I could evolve as much as I wanted. The horns and the weapon remained the same though. I was already fixed on that. Those were part of my original image and even though my end product was a different hybrid of the many sources which I looked into/accident upon in life and interpretated in various ways, the firm resolution onto which the base of my Kirin was from was unshakable.

[the story]

Therefore, his outfit had to tell the story in which I had created for him. His broken horn spoke of his ancient liveline and experiences. A more matured creature than you would original perceive. I wanted that part to be something out there, but hidden. His horns are his pride, but their state did not bother him. He became the single-horned creature with gains of maturity. His double edged spear was his identity, his core, and a reflection on his name. They were the representation of the creature he is, as well as the reminder of the battles he fought and the horns he was borned with. This is my Kin, my Kirin. In actual fact, rather than trying to become him, I had created him, and then became him. It was surprisingly easy to slip into his skin and live him for one day.

[the style]

Because the entire conceptionalisation and production took more than 1 year, I had more than enough time to play around with his design. It also meant that I could easily forgot things that I had previously planned. While his main colour theme was black and gold, I had wanted splashes of red to remind people of the ferocious nature Kirin could become when it met it’s enemy. As such. I wanted red in the outfit, red in the makeup. I wanted red and gold on the eyes area so that people could see the two sides in him. The gold in him is the pure goodness he represents, as well as the red in which he could turn in an instant. I did not remember what was the rough design I had when I first conceptualised Kin, which means I could only test as I did my makeup. Eventually, lessa gave me a good advise – put on the wig first and see if you need to add more makeup to the design. It worked out well and I ended up sticking with what I had already drawn.

While you cannot see the actual makeup and full body shoot from this image Scales had kindly gave me, I hope that you enjoyed the readup. I will be posting more with regards to him.

Photography by } Zero Antiquity
Edit by } Mizurei
Character design and execution by } Zero Antiquity

This is A Zero Antiquity Production.


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