The props of Kin the Kirin

Well, I am here again to share the accessories and props that surround my Kirin, Kin! While I was unpacking, I was wondering what to do with these, so I decided that I will box them up and hide them somewhere, you know like Christmas tree decors style (since Zero Antiquity is an annual thing). But as I took more and more things out, I thought, why not make a post? Anndd~ here we are! This is a continuation post from the previous ^——^ These dingy photos are taken with the phone, so well… I tried to edit them on computer, but they are just not majestic enough. LOLS. Gambaaa~



First up is the main props/accessories that Kin wears. The weapon that Kin uses is this double-edged spear. In this photo, the spear is broken up into 2 parts. It is actually missing one part, which is the middle section. This spear is the first image that jumps into my mind and which stays there throughout the entire production period. However, it is made by Mizurei before the gathering. The gold pointed ends were made of gold paper with designs that fitted the oriental Kirin. It was a lucky find as we browses through the art store. The handle is painted whimsically with gold paint. It could be fitted back into one long spear again if there is the need. That is why I asked Mizurei to help me with it.


The very first item I started off with was the horns. I wanted a golden horn, but after researching more, I realised that one of the phrase in which I had based my beast on, Chinese single-horned-beast, was inaccurate. A kirin actually has a pair of horns, However, there are also stories revolving around the single-horned Kirin.  Therefore, to make adjustments for that, the story of the battles and in which resulted in Kin losing one of his horn began. I also thought it would be a nice thing to remind people that horns are precious things. It is a touchy subject in which I would rather not talk about, therefore, I shall only lightly mention here. As for the design of the horns, I went along with the same design as my previous wired headgear – Winter’s headcap. The only difference is the wire used. I do lament the thinner wire which makes the horns less impressive, but it’s gold is pretty and the actual complete product was very delicate and beautiful. It actually does remind of me how precious horns are, which is why certain things are a give and take. It might look more impressive on my head if I were to use a thicker wire, but it would look less delicate. The balance of things is a hard choice we must make.


[rings and bangles]

When I first considered the accessories that my Kirin would wear, I thought about ancient China. Jade and gold were the two common jewelleries. This is not to mention that gold is part of the theme as well. I went to shop in an accessories store and sighted these black and gold bangles which matched the theme perfectly. I had to get them. The jade ring I found after some searching for booths in shopping malls. The hard thing about finding them was that the cheap ones could only be found in temporary booths that popped out in certain malls from time to time. To make things worst, the mall near my place was shut down for renovations for a really long period of time. I even called Aki to ask if she had spares. It was to my luck that I finally found one, and one that is really green. Other than that, I already had some gold rings and it was a matter of selection to choose which ring to use. On one hand, I would use the gold, and on the other, I would wear the jade as well as the tessellated scales I made into a bangle for this purpose.


[belt and knot]

In the above picture, you are also able to see the belt and the knot for the waist. Nothing much to be said about the belt other than the fact that I had followed ancient Chinese attire for that. This is the first time I made an entire costume on my own instead of 1) buying and assembling as I did with Winter or 2) buy and modify as I did with my other cosplays. While I like to do those, buying and making entirely on my own gave me the chance to learn, improve, get more confident, as well as to make more mistakes. It feels nice since I do not have to worry too much about fitting when I am making it, because it will definitely fit me… right?

As for the knot, I went shopping in the beads store and got my jade and blue/green beads. While I could have and did intend to make a Chinese knot with strings as it is with traditions, the strings are too small and the knots would not look as nice as it looks in other pictures you find on the net. What a waste of searching for knots tutorial and learning a couple of knots! Well, I learned a little bit about beading while I worked part-time during my studies and that helped me fashion this knot accessory. The tassels were sponsored by kind Luna who said she would buy it as a gift for me last Christmas since she didn’t prepare a gift for me. I was spoiled rotten, I tell you. It was hard enough to find gold tassels, and it had to be the right size (too big would be too hard to be worn but too small doesn’t even look nice at all). Then, there was the price. I seriously sweated because I really wanted it (I did not have the confidence to find it again) but did not have the money for it. Well, thankfully and with the grace of Luna, it was resolved.

[scales and ear cuffs]

Oh the scales! I could hardly believe that I chose a scaled creature to visualise/conceptionalise and to create. Well, that is part of the reason why I am so amazed by this creature. The cloth for the scales was bought before the cloths for the outfit was. I had wanted it for a cape, but after I changed and finalised the design for Kin’s outfit, it would be too much of the same type of cloth for it to be truly usable as a cape. I had to discard the cloth until I realised a couple of days before the gathering that I could use it for the scales. Well, that happened because of the inspiration for the scales came from an attire I saw online apparently suitable for “dragon-riding”. It was a simple long sleeve grey/black turtleneck with leather patterns down the length of a shoulder to look like scales. It was truly beautiful and my original intend was to use my leftover fake leather cloth for that… until I couldn’t find it and remembered that I threw it away after it was ruined by time.

Luckily for me, I had the foam I bought for the pet dragon that I was not skilled enough to make as well as this cloth. I had intended for the scales to be tessellated hexagons due to the descriptions of the ancient creature, but did not really follow a strict tessellation rule as I wanted a layering effect. It would look more popup and 3D.

I originally used 4 ear cuffs, the chained one on 1 side while the remaining 3 on the other ear. However, one of the ear cuffs I had bought hurt my ears too much that it was all red throughout. I had my friend help me remove it and had a shock when she thought my ear was bleeding. Well it’s ok now, but it turns out Kin only had 3 cuffs on the ear, all bought from Ireland and gifted by Katou. They reminded me of clamp so much and I sort of knew there was a high chance I would use them for Kin (due to the suitability) and told her the same. Well, luckily I had a hole pierced in my ears only and while it was pretty sensitive, it did not react to the piercing end of the cuff (wow!!! That is a first, ok! What did you use to make your piercings, Ireland?)


[utensils & miscellaneous accessories]

The cups and bottle that Kin uses would be asian-style. No compromise on that. I had purchased a sake bottle and a sauce plate for that (haha!) earlier. I like the swirling design on the sauce plate and it became the wine cup (drink in small portions, people!). Other than that, I found a 3 legged cup/mug when I was in London’s Selfridge and … I had absolutely no resistance to it. It became an extra accessory unplanned for. The tray and bento box were the other unplanned for items. I brought them because they were useful to contain food/tray things around. They were items I owned previously anyway.

Next, the fan! The fan was another lucky find and I kept it since I first bought the cape cloth. In actual fact, I almost lost it on the day I bought it as it was buried under the cloths laid around on the table as the seller cut and folded my cloth. The glasses…. was something I bought before I left for London… my fetish for sunglasses – ‘nugh said. I didn’t get a chance to use it and therefore brought it out. It ended up being useful for a east-meet-west theme since my Kin is said to return from a (probably) decade long travel all around the world. Well, because of that, he writes to his friends in a fountain pen (though he uses his own ink) even as he sorely misses his brushes. Well, he is a very IN kinda creature.



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