AFA 2014

LATE UP! I almost forgot to update the blog here! As with everything else, when I am busy, I will always say “later, later”, until I completely forgot about it. Well, everything was in a rush as there are a lot of things happening before and after the event. There was barely any time to rest, but I am not whining. This is something I had chosen. Well, it brings me back to norm after the exhilirating happenings in the afa.

Well anyway, because of my “later later”, this blog feels so neglected. I have been so busy that I did not have time to do any photo processing. I have been focusing on my cosplay documentation. I was waiting for later when things have settled down a little more before I start here again. I will probably be in the middle of next year or something like that. In the mean time, here are the photos of this year’s AFA event.

I will not lie and say that this AFA was all good and happy. It is not my style to gloss things over and prettify them. I am not meituxiuxiu. This AFA came in a year that was exhausting to me. It was a reflection, I felt, of my year – exhausting and hectic. But I did not not enjoy it. There are bad things as well as good but well I will not talk about them here. Since I won’t talk about them here, I will also not recount the good.  But if you are curious, you can always ask me and I will be more than happy to recount it for you 3x at one go. Friday and Saturday was a mess of meeting people and getting things done. I was running all about and sending people away to enjoy the exhibition. I feel like I needed breather in the middle of all the mess, but I miss my friends a lot too.

I am also glad that I am able to meet my idols and that they fangirl together with me. SUCH A SURPRISE! I will carry with me the memories of this AFA. I swear I will make it so that the next events will not be that hectic.

First, let’s start with exhibition! After running to meet a couple of people, I finally had the time to enjoy the exhibition before it was crowded with people during the weekends. These were the display statues from Japan that were shifted over for the event.

SAM_7783w SAM_7784W

And a very amusing cosplayer. Brilliant job!SAM_7786W

The Dominator


below was a beautiful Cardcaptor Sakura fanart poster, as well as several figurines with backdrops. Even though there were not much people, I tried to take my photos very quickly as I was really disrupting some of the other fellow event-goers who also wanted to take photos.



We saw the picture of Zankyou no Terror and so we had to take a picture with it. We tried to grab the feel~ and of course, GUNDAM as well as idolmaster.

SAM_7798W SAM_7802W     SAM_7811W SAM_7812W

The below are the sailormoon cosmetics in honor of the anniversary of the series, really, it’s tempting to buy these but I am not too sure how well they work on my skin. Also, the price. Well, it’s a great thing to be able to see them. They are sold out in Japan, so these are the goods that are reserved for this event, I guess.


Hello Japan always make me laugh.  I love this cute ninja hiding above display.SAM_7813W

Finally, these are the photos of us enjoying the exhbition as well as fandom… kya-point is ANGELA!!. Ask me and I’ll tell.SAM_7832W  SAM_7833w SAM_7834W

Then there are the smart dolls. I didn’t buy them but they were sold out within the first 15minutes of the door open to the first day. And they are selling at SGD700. Well, here are the dolls in their full glory.

SAM_7839W SAM_7838W

Finally, I met this cute coser who said that the entire Kumon family will be around in CF. It is a pity that  I am not attending this year.


And then the guest cosplayers! I thought there were supposed to be some more guest cosplayers but it is a little curious that I didn’t get to see all of them. BEEP-BEEP-BEEP – another kya-point here. Lols. BUt well, not specifically here, but I got my experience with kaname-reika-yuegene-trio~SAM_7818W

Moving forward to Saturday and Sunday, whereby there were many cosers, and I had to run around again to meet people, and pass them things. I should really take the opportunity here to say somethings. I am glad that  I got to meet some people and I am sorry that there is just no time to talk or talk much. Really appreciate these people and really enjoyed seeing people. I mean, one of the biggest pull of AFA was looking forward to seeing my friends again, and meeting new ones. So yea.

SAM_7843W SAM_7847W SAM_7853W SAM_7854W SAM_7866W SAM_7867W SAM_7873edW SAM_7874W SAM_7889W SAM_7878W SAM_7913W SAM_7914W

Katou and I each choose our photo booth and took a photo~

SAM_7846W SAM_7844W

Also, I decided to attempt the Hakuoki booth again… haha, I was just hiding behind one of them. Turns out it was Hijikata. I like all of them, so any is fine by me.


I am glad that I managed to meet Haldir so now I can finally took a picture or two for her~ goal unlocked! Also saw a certain Yumiko who forgot all about me, kakakakaka.


They decided to try the 3dmg testing area.. and well, I stayed around long enough to take some photos. Look at their anxious faces. Lols. Ok, I should not tease people.

SAM_7859W SAM_7861W SAM_7865W

At some point in time, I caught people taking photo of my Kururin while I run to greet friends. Not losing out, I took a photo of kururin as well. Last minute propping. Don’t expect too much. HAHHAHA.


9 & 12 decided to take photo with Kokonoe Arata  LOLs. And yes, it is a pain to hold onto kururin so I had 12 hold it for me.

SAM_7892W SAM_7894W

While calling some friends, the people over at the niconico booth asked me if I wanted to take picture. Literally, I was pressing the phone to my ear, looking around like the chess scene.

SAM_7907 edW

Alright, the last one now… I discovered that I missed out some photos so here are nyanta and hakuoki cosers~

SAM_7915W SAM_7916W SAM_7917W


OMG! Totally miss this out! THe round floor talk! Found this when I came back from shooting Nyanta.


/PHEW!! This is way over my bed time!! Konyanya~/


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