Deceivers [a trip to the Trick Eye Museum]

Time for another reflection post! (Just cos I am awesome and I know it!) Alright, I’m kidding. The reason is because I am finally floating onto the surface again, able to breathe freely the marvelous air abovewater.

The superby busy weekend whereby I ended my first official debut year of cosplay, established some schedule, and finished volunteering for Singapore Writers’ Festival. Not too sure if I will do it again next year. Don’t get me wrong. I do like volunteering. It’s just that I think volunteering at SWF might be a little too fast-paced for me. I prefer working in maybe something more consistent. Will have to seriously try at volunteering at orphanages. This is something I definitely need to try out after getting the other things settled. (Room, cosplay schedule into proper track, backlog schedules for photo editing and posting and also clothroad translation.) Maybe I will be able to pull a couple of friends along~

Now, I must first celebrate my end of first year of official debut of cosplay. When I look back at it, years does not necessarily mean anything. I’ve been doing this for 6 years (thereabouts), and that doesn’t mean I am better than someone else who has only been cosplaying for 1 year. In fact, I am not as good as some of those people. But in this one year, I have met a lot of people, bounced off them and allowed myself to learn from them and/or react to them.

I have learnt that I need to stay grounded no matter who comes along and attempts to lift me off my feet. I need to stay firm to my style of cosplay that which works best for me. I’ve learnt from these interactions that I have loads more to go before I can finally land at the perfect me that felt just right. I’ve learnt that there can be a lot of nonsense going on with other people; thing I do not agree with nor wish to be a part of; but it’s ok. I just need to stay true to myself. I am grateful to all the people I met – people whom I like, love, aspire, dislike, hate, who had gotten close to me, who had gotten close to me and then pulled apart from me, or who I know will never get close to me (ever). I am truly grateful to them, because through them, I have learnt more about myself and who I want to be. There were more deep lessons than I thought to be, and those people whom I thought to be family will always be family, even if we have tons of arguments, and feel so much frustration.

Argh!! It’s a really packed journey! But it was one whereby, from the time I started till the time it ended, I knew I HAD to go through. It was one of those procephic ones. So thanks for staying with me thus long, for those who had to alight, or already alighted, thanks and let’s hope we can be polite the next time we meet. Those who still stayed on….. if you are awaiting the next stop, I think we will be there soon… if you aren’t then, THANK YOU FOR STAYING SO LONG! I will try my best to behave.

NOW, it’s picture time~~!!

I started my official cosplay debut with YMIR on 08 November 2013 and ended it with YMIR on 08 November 2014. It is a coincidence, but I dare say cosplay has Shingekied into my life with Shingeki no Kyojin. I will have progress. I will learn more, I will try to do more.

Thank you to Rin-chan who invited me to the solo shoot, Yukio who put up with me for so long and still allow me to learn a bit more about makeup by letting me test on her horsey self. Thanks to Stephanie from the organising team of Cosfest, who came up with the brilliant idea of cosplaying in Trick Eye Museum. We enjoyed ourselves to the max, and even though I was tired from the shoot in the day, I only wished we could stay longer. Thanks to the new photogs I met, who had restored my hopes and opinions of photogs. You guys rock, and if you don’t know that yet, I hope you will realise it soon.

Now, for the pictures to take the show~


10685426_369286543246062_864039107079428426_nW 10394805_369286103246106_953922820632993027_nW


photographer – zero X cross Photography
edit – Saga Yuui VX
Cosplayers – Hoshizora Rin as Mikasa Ackerman & Saga Yuui VX as YMIR
——- * ——- * ——- * ——- * ——- *
photographer – Hakuseki Ryoshi
edit – Saga Yuui VX
Cosplayers – Hoshizora Rin as Mikasa Ackerman & Saga Yuui VX as YMIR

TK0_4221WTK0_4222W TK0_4223W

TK0_4214W TK0_4189WTK0_4196W



photographer – Reeves Photography
Edit – Saga Yuui VX
Cosplayer – Hoshizora Rin as Mikasa Ackerman & Saga Yuui VX as YMIR

reeves photographyW

   And lastly, had to take a photo with chibi ryoko (P = Hakuseki Ryoshi) ~~  Enjoy your weekends, people.



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