Summer Anime 2014 Ranking

Suddenly trying to list down my ranking among the animes I do watch. If it appears here, I like it. It’s a ranking of LOVE. I don’t intend to list down animes I don’t like.
1. Zankyou no Terror – from start to end, it never fails to surprise and generate ❤ from me. Every episode is filled with feels.
2. Barakamon – I love slice of life, but it has to be good. Barakamon delivered and is just my type. It took an uninteresting subject and made it so interesting with the characters and story development… in fact, the characters were essential to this story.
3. FREE! Eternal Summer – Free! is always so much fun and love. I didn’t like this season as much as the previous, but story wise, music, development, delivery, all are still tops in the charts.
3. Tokyo ESP – If only they had done it differently. I understand that they are trying to present the climax first as a storytelling technique, but I feel that this technique is better for a one-through reading rather than one episode per week. I would have enjoyed it more if I had watched it all at one go. I still love the animation though.
4. Tokyo Ghoul – Tokyo Ghoul… I put up with so many episodes to finally love it in episode 12. THIS is the Tokyo Ghoul I wanted to watch.
5. Ao Haru Ride – After the first episode, I went to read the manga, all the way to the latest chapter. No other anime did this to me. Not even Skip Beat!
6. Persona 4 Golden Animation – This is Golden.  P4 is always slow and boring initially, that is the way it delivers, but I know that if you are patient enough, you will see the story at the end of the day
7. Bakumatsu Rock – Laugh Laugh Laugh and more Laugh. Ridiculous to the end!!! But I guess it is fun~


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