STGCC 2014

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been to STGCC, purely because there is not much of interest to me. However, there were a couple of major pulls for me for this year’s STGCC, which is why I ended up attending. Here are the photos of DAY 2, where I am not in cosplay and is armed with Mark Sein.

SAM_7697W SAM_7699W SAM_7652w SAM_7653W SAM_7654W SAM_7655W SAM_7656W SAM_7657W SAM_7658W SAM_7661WSAM_7660W  SAM_7662W SAM_7663W SAM_7664W SAM_7665W SAM_7667W SAM_7668w SAM_7669W SAM_7670W SAM_7671W SAM_7672W SAM_7673W SAM_7674W SAM_7675W SAM_7683WSAM_7677W SAM_7679W SAM_7680W SAM_7682W  SAM_7687W SAM_7691W SAM_7692W SAM_7694W SAM_7695W


2 thoughts on “STGCC 2014

  1. Hello! I was the one who cosplayed Ema Skye at STGCC on sun, thank you for taking my picture x3 (also sorry it didn’t come out fantastic, am not very good at posing haha!) I’ll be cosing her again at AFA with all the additional accessories so I hope to meet you again then 🙂 Thanks again~

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