Not too sure what to write here. I think I post too many photos to facebook, so I started posting here instead. After I got back from London, I had a bit of time to rest, and then it is off to my a photoshoot. Met new people who became new friends and there are just so many beautiful memories that came along with this shoot. It was a beautiful session.

There are shoes swinging, fan swinging, balloon bathing, floor sleeping, creeping past hanges, candle blowing, … many many things!

monji hangew hangemonjiw IMG_20140817_081958w IMG_20140817_083109w IMG_20140817_111915wIMG_20140817_111621w  IMG_20140817_111946w IMG_20140817_112903w IMG_20140817_114101w IMG_20140817_114625w IMG_20140817_114643w IMG_20140817_115339wIMG_20140817_114731w  IMG_20140817_115505w IMG_20140817_120618w IMG_20140817_122315w IMG_20140817_122559w IMG_20140817_123728w IMG_20140817_124028w IMG_20140817_125717w IMG_20140817_125746w IMG_20140817_125805w IMG_20140817_132645w IMG_20140817_133614w IMG_20140817_141046w IMG_20140817_141718W IMG_20140817_143508w IMG_20140817_143526Ew collarge2w collarge1w

one of the hanges | Signing off.


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