Sri Lanka [the Land of 35°C]

I already submitted the wordy report of Sri Lanka. This time, it is the image-filled post. I try to limit the number of pictures, but well, Sri Lanka is a beautiful place and the difference in culture means there is a lot of photos to take.

First, the food post.SAM_6064W

Apparently, we have more delicious version of these in Singapore (what you see below)SAM_6067W

We took a long and tiring ride out immediately to the Elephant Adoption Centre. Here is a photo of the streets of the rural side of the country.

SAM_6071W SAM_6086W

SAM_6112e1W SAM_6110W


Like the tour guide,  I disagree with the adoption centre. These elephants should be released to the wild.SAM_6109W SAM_6105W SAM_6101e1W SAM_6087W


Next up is the first of the two perilous climbs I have to do in Sri Lanka… if I thought I could handle climbing steps… I APOLOGISE FOR IT! This is difficult but do-able… The climb is from the side of this Golden Temple all the way to the back.


SAM_6131e1W SAM_6125e1W SAM_6134e1W


We had a rest half way before continuing our way up to the top where we remove our shoes and socks and step into the area where the caves are… to see buddhas.

SAM_6171W SAM_6160W SAM_6145W

 Next, we head to the next hotel and took a rest while we glimpse at the goal for the next day. Oh, and the sigh below belongs to the first hotel, but since it is related, I shall post here.

SAM_6068W SAM_6194W

 SAM_6224W SAM_6230W SAM_6242W SAM_6248W SAM_6269W

 And then if I thought the way up earlier was scary, it was nothing compared to this….. You literally feel like you are walking on air after you pass through the tunnel here..


‘And we went up to see…. paintings of ehhh.. nak** women…. If you see more than 2 eyes or extra hands or etc, it is because of the change of mind of the artist after they had started painting.SAM_6272W

‘And then this is the last stage You climb up the lion rock to see the scenery from there and the scattered trees on top of the bald lion. 

SAM_6286W SAM_6285W

Essentially the goal was to go up the lion head. From afar, this is this:SAM_6241W

Just posting a few more photos of things I might or might not have missed on the way up.




I find the motive of the two climbs a little…. the first climb (dangerous but not as dangerous) to see buddhas. The second (super dangerous) climb to see………….. ok. I think you get what I mean.

Below are the pictures of the tooth relic temple.. this is where I totally lost my temple. I learnt a new thing about myself.

SAM_6351W SAM_6356W


The next day brings us to the forgotten batik factory. The below are the ingredients used. SAM_6361W

 These are the progress of the painting. You have to hide the spaces u wanted to avoid colouring first with wax and slowly slowly add a new lay of colour and see the colour transform. In other words, the colour you see at the left most will be a totally different colour at the end of the day.SAM_6363W

 The patience needed for such work is VERY VERY EXHAUSTING.SAM_6365W

Then we get a view of the city from the hill top and out to another place!!


Trees and shrubberies in the next few days as we see the botanical gardens and the tea plantations.SAM_6370W




On our last day, we relax at the beach resort.

SAM_6380W SAM_6382W 

It is there that we met the official tour guide in the resort, who brought us to the lagoon and showed us beautiful sights. I was afraid of the camera getting into the water so I don’t think I took a lot of photos.


Here I just wanna say we went to the beach to catch the sunrise but ended up was in the wrong direction to catch it… Well, the lagoon is not bad for a rising sun photo, right?SAM_6396W SAM_6400W

 After that, we took a tour of the city, visited a couple of churches and then ended our tour.




Because I have returned from London, and no one knew where I was going, and the guesses were pretty wild. My colleague said that I and my friends are interesting, and I asked, “why?” and she said that to go from Sri Lanka to London is pretty…..

Well, I can only say one thing: I don’t think that travelling to different countries is a very out of the norm thing. I think many people make it into their bucket list to visit as many countries as they can… and while there may be people who prefer “atas” places, I had decided for myself at a very young age that I wanted to see the best and the worst of the world. We live in a protected country, I explained to her, even though we aren’t the best, we aren’t the worst either. If you don’t see the rest of the world, you will only remain a protected fool who thinks you have the rights to everything.



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