This is the last year in which Cosfest will be held @ D’Marquee… which is why the theme/name for this cosfest is [final fantasy]. I was double-booked on day 1 and thus missed out a lot of people. And was running errand too. But day 2 I had more time. This year of cosfest was interesting. First time I helped a friend chiong costume, first time I made a piece of modern clothes from scratch. First time I took photo with Reika and interacted with Reika alone. First time I wasn’t with A and M all/most of the time.

And somehow, it was just coincidental that I decided to spread my past with my close friends this cosfest.. yes, these were what I was obsessed with before anime/manga/etc


And the cosplay photos. I think it is quite easy to see which cosplays are the more popular ones… and these people did well in these cosplays too.


But I wish that people pay attention to other cosplays too. This cosplay, for example, is so awesome I can’t help but request for a photo:


Friends kept reminding me to catch Monji’s performance… which turned out to be not in stage but in field. She did it!! She did what we always wanted to do. Only hers is a flash version.


Aren’t they all super cool? A flash mob of so many songs in the middle of the fields of cosfest.


Magi…. SO MUCH LOVE. I love Magi~ and magi cosplays~

Also gatchaman!!! I am so envious cos these people have the entire team, and I only had hajime when we did at AFA. But, please spread the love for gatcha!



Day 2 I was cosing with Ryan, and when we saw this Jean, we RAN for it. Hahhaa… and saw a VERY FAMILIAR FACE.


at the end of the day…..


I will end with this photo:

/end/ total 19 photos.


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