Through the Cloud Forest Dome

It’s been sometime. I am finally getting pictures edited… taking a break from making costume to clear the backlog before I go on vacation again. This was after the March trip, I went to Cloud Forest Dome at Gardens by the Bay, finally. We first took a small walk through Gardens by the Bay as you have to pass through to get to the domes. Below is an image of the chinese garden. The individual gardens were actually smaller than we thought to be, though the entire garden park by itself was large.     Now nearing the dome area. We bought our tickets for the cloud forest dome only and started to make our way to the cooling dome.

Can you tell how beautiful the place is? Be careful around the waterfall though, because the water slashes.   It’s beyond my expectations. I always knew this is cool and wanted to be here, but it is turning out to be entirely fulfilling to my kiddish self.   Ok, walking on those bridges were like… NOT COOL AND FUN… I was scared to death, but that is because I am scared of heights… I clinged onto my friend tightly and made sure I stayed in the middle. I don’t even dare to take a lot of photos, save to tease or photobomb my friend.

The snails below totally captured my heart. Mind you, I am not fond of snails naturally. Only these.

The flowers below definitely reminds me of GUNDAM.   So I guess that is one place they really did well, even though they messed up a lot of places. I wished they had done good in ALL of the other places which had so much potential.

FINS / total 18 photos –


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