Kazaguruma Gang

When 0a meets, we sometimes have theme. It came naturally, as we discuss what we want to wear. I normally don’t face this problem when I go out with others, but when it comes to oa, it happens. So this time, we decided to go out in the theme of Yakuza. We had a lot of fun, eating and experiment…


The Food


Junior Lackey and Lady Boss


Junior Lackey and Senior Lackey


Senior Lackey and Lady Boss

I had a late card from M. But A held it up for me to take photo…… I would rather she glue the decorations than use the pegs… -..-


And Food Eating… and tea drinking…. /LOLs/.



 Experiment time starts……


The gang symbol only came when I saw the photos we took of ourselves wearing the pinwheel accessory A made for us all (I was staring at his pinwheel in admiration and envy when we met)… and Kazaguruma Gang was born…. well, we are just still oa.

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And. As usual, we had to cheers…





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