[COSPLAY] J-obs @ the Cathay

Not too many photos. I only managed to took about 3 (and one of them was disrupted by security guard…. which I guess I should really explain.

J-obs [J-Obession] is a tiny event that spawns over 2-3 days with Japanese music and cosplay culture. It’s not huge and it centers at the entrance area in front of The Cathay (which is a mall centering around a movie theater). I was not too enthusiastic about it, but since friends ask if I am going and since I am passing by, I decided to pack my camera and take some photos. I only had about 30 minutes due to some lateness on my part. I decided to enter into the mall itself seeing that there are some stalls around for the event, and wanted to take photos of a cosplay as well, but the security guard came and wave us off…. which is rather surprising. I must say, enough with this bias. If you want to eat the earning pies of the cosplay culture, then you should not get people to wave us off for doing what we do. There are stalls inside, nobody said we are not allowed to pose for photos or take photos inside, and so why are you waving us off? We are not blocking the entrance to anything. Seriously I wish people would grow some sense. I hate to use bad words on people, especially on this blog, but you know some of these words describe these people perfectly.







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