Sri Lanka Report

Because someone wanted a report of my trip, I figured I’ll scratch it off the list asap.

! ! ! B E W A R E ! ! !

There, you’ve been warned as per above about the lengthy and uniquely me style I enjoy writing in.

Basically the trip is the first time I’ve sat on SIA, and I never desired SIA since Saru… but well, I came with an open mind // and started being humoured by the poor pronunciation skills by the entire team (How the hell did “please put on your seat belt securely” become “please put on your seat belt curely?”) // wishing for my thai airways as we munched into the “delicately prepared food” that just disappoints // swearing never to fall asleep because being woken up by a SIA air stewardess is embarrassing thing where people can hear you scream // browsing through the endless selection of movies just to see when the list will end // and ended up sleeping because I’m tired of pressing the button again (do they have like, 10 years supply of movies??? God.) // being amazed again and again by hotel rooms // buildings half built or destroyed or building in progress // made ill by the roller coaster road and wondering if I should tell the tour guide that I never take roller coasters // dunk down pills and realised woods cough drops work better than pills // drinking in the sights with a half drunken body // staring at elephants and cows and goats cross roads // calling every jean affectionately and promising a young jean that he’ll grow up to be big jean soon // lying in the car swearing this is a wrong decision and keeping barf down valiantly as I held my bladder // taking a dangerous climb to see serene buddha statues and realised I’ve only taken photo of the backside of the biggest golden buddha only // feeling epic fail and not buying “moon stone necklaces” because its a religious place and might cause problem for A and M // climbing a even higher and dangerous place the next day and keep repeating a) I’ll tip the guide more as this is my life he is keeping watch over // b) how the hell does the guide do this multiple times a day // c) my life is half gone // d) and my soul is gone from the scare // e) how the hell I managed to put one feet in front of the other again and again? // f) how did I last so long with only these thoughts? // g) I don’t even remember the climb the day before! // h) all these scare and half life gone just to see half naked women paintings done for a king who wasn’t even acknowledged // i) wondering why our own sumatra prince didn’t give us as rich of a history // refusing a flute player and his baskets of snakes because my wits are already halfway emptied out of my body and the remaining half just ain’t enough to deal with it

Catching our guide being naughty and making him bring us to places promised in our itinerary // feeling upset at seeing only tea making process but not the plantation up close // hating the buddhism no shoe or hat practice // sinhalese dance ending with fire walk // go to spice garden buying hair removal cream // snatching ginnngerrrr beer at the supermart because its the best we drank in our entire life // wishing I bought more than one can of ginger beer // finding out that our sg agents mess up our flights // locals help us confirm flight details // deleting photos because no more space in camera // missing sunrise in the beach because its a sunset beach we didn’t realise // guide caught us and took us to lagoon for an expensive boat ride with mangrooves (one more item off my to-do list!) // seeing huge crocodile skimming water with eyes and snout above water surface // no I wasn’t feel afraid // refusing to take anymore photos of squirrel // seeing awesome hindi temple (but no shoes and hat… again) // church is better // allow church cat to follow us and sleep near us while we stand at each point // spending all rupees on gifts // eating real indian food better than serangoon there // eating good chinese food // having four huge meals on last day // spending money again only on more ginger beer and measuring tape // happy to see half of cabin crew male // can sleep safety // giving up hope on SIA food and order safe one // and more failed moments from SIA crew (HELLO, your name is K.C. “LOW”, not K.C. “OH”) // chasing after friend after we said byebye because my precious ginger beer still with her // zipped it safety into my hand carry and say babye one last time

P.s. suggest SIA to use pre-recorded announcements

P.s.s. when your agency warn you to bring more memory card, you better do.


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