Belated Present

It was my friend birthday a few days after the new year. But the 10 odd yrs friend who always knew her birthday happened at an easy to remember date, and yet forgot about it. So here’s a belated gift for my friend, K, well-intended and well wrapped up.


I don’t really know what got into me. I was just wrapping normally with one of my supplies… then thought it was boring and decided to do a little decoration. Grabbed paper from my leftover supplies and made that flower using cut strips… and left over paper fastener. /LOL/ I figured that K can use the flower decoration for her desk and if she has any need for paper fasterners…..


Then… the day came in which I pull the gift out and put on the final touches… I positioned the flower and put the thought of how to incorporate the flower into the wrapped back into my head…. and decided I didn’t like the center idea. So I put it in a corner. It felt empty. While I considered that, I sorted out my art supplies and found some leftover crepe paper… so tested the length and glued the ends together. Slipped a paper underneath and stamped white and bronze all over with the stamp pad. Then more glue to secure the crepe paper onto the wrapper.


Finally, I decided to add tassel. I was looking for nice paper for tassel because they look better than pink yarn… but my hands got a mind of their own and started to wound the yarn into tassels. I decided it’s nice and added green washi tape as a last touch.

/ Materials / wrapping paper * crepe paper * thick paper * blu tack * paper fasterners * yarn washi tape * stamp pads


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