Christmas’ Givings

Christmas has been one of my favourite seasons. I love the mysterious and blissful atmosphere that cannot be duplicated in other festivals. So I always paid a bit more attention to this festival, and will always prepare in advance of it. Even though I wanted to give gifts to others, they are little little gifts, and I don’t want people to feel  obligations upon receiving the gifts. I hate that.  I also hate FORCED gift exchanges that denotes how much money you have to spend, at least. That just took away all the thought you put into for your recipient.

So these are the gifts for today… a little blur since I am always having trouble with the lighting in the room.

I wanted to use baby socks, but did not manage to find the ones I wanted. But the good thing about baby socks is that they are ALL so adorable, even if they are not the style you want.

For these two which is hard to tell each other apart (for which I do not gift them personally but ask the help of a santa friend to pass for me, I need to make sure they are correctly gifted), I decided to sew beads into them.

This is a “stolen” image from my friend, who took the image of my gift (including the m&s card – for which a portion of the sales would go to charity~~)

This is for a family. I didn’t like to trouble myself with calling to check if they will be around at home (bad, I know), so I prepared a LONG length of Yarn to tie the card to the parcel (also had the help of double sided tape) and the leftover was not cut but instead tied to their door gate.

And finally. This last one. This was for my friend who was in the Seasons cosplay. I HAD to buy this yellow umbrella which is so her theme “summer rain”.  It was a very bright, cheerful theme. And I could not resist tying her dollie to the brolly. lols.

\merry christmas\
\jingles bell\


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