[NEW CHROME THEME] Shinsekai Yori Group One

I created a new chrome theme!! It’s my first and I am quite perk about it~ I am using it now!


A little Peek here! I guess that is the entire theme itself then. Google Chrome theme is a simple affair, but it’s really a very nice and personal thing to be able to add a little personal touch to your browser. Even if I do not see the image often, I will be able to browse the net happily, knowing that this theme is created by me, out of my own hand, with my personal preference to the images and colours. I am not sure if I am going to create another theme, though that probably means I am just going to switch out the background image + the tab bar colour.

Soo… while I am at it, I am going to talk about Shinsekai Yori (From the new world). I LOVE IT. It’s def on my favourites list! I used to be a fan of Shun, then I am a fan of Satoru, but frankly speaking, I love all the kids. But the ending got me. I keep wanting to re-watch it again and again. Saki’s capability to forgive and love all is really remarkable as well. But the thing I love most is the character development and especially the plot. It makes you realise the importance of Shun and his death. He is necessary as the ultimate trump card Group One has against the rebellion, and his death is also necessary or whatever happened would not happen.

When I think of the Monster Rats though, I feel sad. Squealer is right – they are humans. Yet, they are oppressed. Even Kiroumaru was willing to sacrifice his men to search for a way to turn the tables over. They are bascially Humans who are forced to turn into monsters in order to make sure that those Humans with Cantus can live happily without worry. But they were treated like slaves. At the same time, what I found upsetting (as a fellow Human) is that, be it Monster Rat or the “Gods”, there may be a mention or two of “we should be equals”, but none of them thought that way at all. It’s either destroy humans or replace humans with Monster Rats for the Monster Rats. And the Humans laugh at the idea of Monster Rats being equal in intelligence with them. The judging scene was the most human scene to me. Squealer was the exact image of what the people without Cantus would be like. The exact positions in that scene is perfect.

And I love men who are…. well, men. So I love Satoru. Can you believe how mischievous he was and how man he is now? Really.



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