[WIP – SHINGEKI] a little o-make

The past Sunday was the 2nd meetup for our Shingeki team. We had a little fun…… though I dare say we were working hard as well!! (This to justify our Shadow King’s words on Twitter that we were slogging. ) I myself have managed to complete mending Yukio’s harness and mine is to be completed soon as well. (I probably should not mention that I have managed to fulfill my unconscious desire…. my deep within my heart dream!!!)

Besides, some of these photos were taken in our King’s presence!! As I look at the photos again while transferring them, I realised I could make a story out of them!

So here goes! Please read as you enjoy the pictures. They go hand in hand.




Don’t stop me!! I would rather jump to my death than be eaten by a Titan!!


Dont worry! Here I come to save you — opps hold wrong gear-!


Here’s the right one! But its incomplete…


Nevermind! I will still run along and maybe catch some Titans for my new collection – oh what shall I name them – I’m so excited I can’t think of any names!!



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