From Loggerheads to Suann

There’s this good friend of mine whom I did an online business with. Well, the business fold in the end, but that did not stop us from being friends, and she is the only ONLY one who could give me a crushing hug. AND you know how good that felt? No? I tell you. It was GOOD.

So I like making things and decided to make a couple of little gifts for her. Nothing too much. Just a little card and one of those photo cube boxes I make with our old namecards.

And the inside of it… everything was linked to our friendship, as was my habit. I like to make things link.

 I made one of these cubes for her before, but it was a sore point for me that it got soaked when I jumped onto her. So I wanted to make a new one, no matter what.

The pictures used this time were the photos I took when I was trying to sell the necklaces as a side line for our business.

// Love, Loggerheads.


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