So I can’t believe I am posting an OUTFIT OF THE DAY post. But it happens. Because I was just spending time looking at the stationery store and saw a couple of things I bought for my friends, including a yellow brella.

I was in my favourite new – 3/4 sleeves chevron dress.  Unfortunately the belt did not work for me, so I improved with my m]phosis kimono belt.  Wore the wrong shoes thought…. Should have gone with the sparkling black one.

I totally love how the yellow is so brilliant and mixes well with the black and white. Not all colours mix well with black and white…. YES, I MEAN IT.

Trying to be blown away by the sea breeze… that was a nice attempt.

And Hui wanted me to goof around in this pose.

And I managed to take a photo of the scenery with Hui’s phone camera (Yes, all these photos are from her samsung mega phone camera) as well  as the shot below.

All in all, it was a nice day. Thanks to Hui for coming out despite her sudden discomfort. I enjoyed myself and look forward to our next meeting! Bye bye, says the yellow brolly.

/bye bye/


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