[MALAYSIA] — the food I eat

This post shall focus on the food we eat in my recent Malaysia trip with Nan. While we do not abhor the brands easily found in Singapore, we looked for unique flavours and generally things we do not get to eat in Singapore.


Sambal Ikan Bilis thin pizza @Vivos in Bukit Indah, our last stop and our last meal. We also ordered a larger prawn thin pizza, but  I was too lazy to take a photo of that. I was worried about the sambal part of the pizza, but despite the 3 red hot chilli warning on the menu, the pizza was not spicy at all. It was nice and the Ikan Bilis was crunchy!


American Caramel Cheesecake @ Vivos as well. I think the taste would be PERFECT for me if the caramel was lightened a teeny bit. Otherwise, I have no complains. The last layer, the crust layer, was DELICIOUS. It was so crunchy and made the cheesecake so much better.


Middle stop – snack stop! We were still at the Coffee Bean and Tea  Leaf, trying to see if there’s anything unusual in their menu when they were promoting their Pumpkin latte for the fall season. We also caught sight of the cheezy spinach muffin while paying up.

First – the pumpkin latte: We added cinnamon powder, and the only thing we can taste are the cinnamon and the latte…. the pumpkin is BARELY THERE!

Next – cheezy spinach muffin : Popeye would love it, there are lots of spinach. Unfortunately, we aren’t Popeye…. there’s only so much you could do with spinach. The muffin in generally was well made, but the cheese was the wrong factor – it mixed wrongly with the spinach and the muffin and  I would rather they have leave it out.


Saw these lollipops and Remembered that time we celebrated M’s birthday…. ROOT BEER all the way man, though you CAN be distracted with Sarsi. I have yet tasted them.


First meal. Mediterranean chicken and lamp wrap. Delicious, and they let you decide if you wanted onions or not. The place is well-themed and beautiful, and people are nice and smiley. But we would not go there again. You need to purchase a “DAILY CARD” before you can purchase any food there, which is too much a trouble affair for us. There is no deadline and you can use the card for as long as you wish, but we are only a once a year kind of visitors, so no thanks, Good news is, card is refundable and they return you the $3 you spent on the card.

https://briefeananna.wordpress.com/ And so, after I came back, I enjoyed my Pu’er tea, which I bought at Legend of Tea in the middle shopping mall we went to (name forgotten!) Now, I am a fan of Pu’er and yes, pairing it with homemade agar agar mooncake during the mid autumn festives.

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