Playing with Envelope [washi tape + stamps + silver pen]

Cosplay events is a good chance to meet with friends after a long time. Cosfest also happens to be our meeting anniversary. I found a good gift for my friend, so I decided to give my friend a card as well. It was just nice that the card was of a related content. However, today I wanted to show you the ENVELOPE instead. is the envelope. I had stamped birds on the flap, as well as written the words “READ ME”. You would notice that I had used washi tape to tape the bottom just below the flap. Why? Because I wanted to ensure that the envelope would not be destroyed upon opening. By taping the washi tape, and then using transparent scotch tape over the flap and sealing it in that manner, the envelope would not be destroyed while opened.


And … upon opening… the surprise… moomin washi tape!! I happened to find this washi tape recently and I knew my friend loves moomin. So I decided to go along with a surprise, and that was also why  I can’t use glue or allow the envelope to be destroyed.


Once sealed with transparent tape, the surprise is complete.


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