SOUL of Cosfest

So we enter into day 2, the Soul of Cosfest.

We start with Reika-sama!! We saw her posing for a circle of enthusiastic photographers and fans and had to grab a photo.

Mizu did  Shingeki no Kyojin and posed with Armin and Eren.

K!!!  I keep feeling that people’s love for one series dies quickly. It used to be K with Kaname*-sama, but now everyone is going all Shingeki. I love the series, but I am starting to get tired of all the fandom flying all around. In actual fact, I was more interested in the anime only. And K cosplay was forever ❤ in my heart.

Magi! Just look at all the fabric and cloths!

Blue team exclusive K.

Sasha found her double. Which version do you like?

We love POT, so M wanted a photo.

Remember I said she was Eren on day 1? Day 2 she was Levi.

Magi team. I love the two red heads at the front row better.

With surprise, I saw Harry Potter~ Hermonine and Luna!!

Oh yes, there was bungee jumping and we were talking about how suitable it is for shingeki shot…. and there was this guy just waiting at the gate for his turn only he was all cool and calm and big brotherly style if you know what I mean. I love this guy.

Akira-sama! This is the first time I saw her in cosplay, and the transformation is huge!

Monji-sama and friend as pokemon characters. The team have already split for the day.

Inui-sama!!!! A wanted a photo with him, so we took. I was just awe-struck. At the end of two days later after cosfest, I realised I wanted a photo with him, but …. hahaha, would be too shy to look into camera again.

And that was me at the end of the day.

COSFEST 2013 DAY 2 | fins


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