BANGKOK [ life – tourist]
From our hotel room.

The food we ate on day 1 – TOTAL REGRET. That is the problem with language barrier. We wanted the balls only, because they look delish (and they ARE), but went we asked the owner how much, she pointed at the sign and we mistook the rice for the balls. Later,  I insisted on going back to buy the balls, because we really wanted that in the first place. None of us could finish the rice in the end. But we love our Oishi Tea, which was also the same tea drank by Reika-sama.

The taxis/cabs here are very colourful, and mostly pink. For the purpose of attracting attention, they are good. But my friend, upon seeing the photo, correctly guessed that they were a sore-eye to me. I love this photo though.

Attracted by these wind-mills, but they are too fragile to be squeezed into the luggage.

Little monsters for the colleagues.

There are similarities with the stations in Singapore and Thailand. There are arrows to remind you (or inform) where you should stand. There are yellow lines and also guides for the blind. The difference? We don’t have such curvy tracks.



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