WOW [pinned]

Can I just say this? I am awed. For some reason. You know, you are feeling something and you don’t know why. But you feel it that way. Yep. That is exactly what I wanted to say.

So I am not a very …. helpful/creative/popular person… I just do the things I do and this blog exists to remind me of how happy I had been and to make me happy with a lot of things that I like (and thus be happy flipping through them again).  I knew that compared to all those people who are always creating and doing new things, I am nobody. In fact, I had been a nobody for so long it doesn’t really matter.

Then, out of curiosity, I would now and then (that is like, once in a blue moon) visit the site stats to take a look… today’s site stats showed me nothing out of the ordinary until I happened to glance down and saw this….

Ok, wait…. AM I ON PINTEREST?? NO WAY! I AM???? Like someone else would pin my images?? WOW!

So I had to click on it and search, but you know how there’s like a mass spammage of everything on pinterest and I really can’t scroll through all of them. Come a quick solution. Simply type: / source / WEBSITENAME . COM and remove all the spaces in between and you will see the results.

I never knew. Lols. By any chance, I am not the credit receiver for the header. That belongs to whoever created it for wordpress users. I am just me who made use of it. 🙂  By any chance, if you are curious, that washi tape post belongs to our cosplay photo set. You could type in the little “search me” box at the bottom (as per below – which I am posting because I find the entire process cuter), or you could just click here.


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