An Alien, A Hannya & A Prince

Seriously considering if I should upload photos here since I already done the video. But I wanted to share some of the pictures…. so this is the Tsuritama cosplay that we did back in April.

We love Tsuritama so much… it’s so fun and nice.

We started the day with food, and I made use of the opportunity to take a few shots. I love candid shots, so they sort of make up a few of my photos.

And then Haru started showing off his new bait…He has every intention of being the princess.

In the Aquarium. We are excited as we were surrounded with water and water creatures.
And Haru wanted to stick close to Yuki, but was rejected by Yuki.

Haru wields his all powerful communication device.

And everyone dances with him.

I think we were pretty awesome, no? Lols.

Only this particular accident have to happen at my shot. LOLS.

ANIME  | tsuritama
COSPLAYERS | zeroan gakuen cosplay club
haru – mizu
natsuki – yuui
yuki – aki
PHOTOGRAPHER | yuui & aki
EDIT | yuui


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