CURE festival 2013

CURE has been promoted in Singapore in recent years, but it is the first time they had a Festival ALONE. That being said, it is not that alone because, in the same area, an international competition for dragonboat is being held, and there’s a social enterprise carnival as well… so it feels weird when the host a few steps away announced that the Myanmar dragonboaters are now in lane 3, blah blah blah & our MC here for CURE fest is asking cosplayers questions.


Just check out facebook. Apparently, the cosplayers had formed a team to do some dragonboating on the 2nd day. *laughs* Now, now, what shall we do about that?


I say, well, it’s only here in Singapore that we can do that. The Rojak practice.

cure 2013 2

Here is Pitcha, the special guest for this event. Below, he posts with fans here.

cure 2013 3

cure 2013 4

cure 2013 5

We first saw Yzak, who likes to show Athrun who’s the boss with the way he sits (like a boss). And later, the rest of the ZAFT team.

We also saw a few other animes, including the old school ones, which I love.

cue 2013 11

And the next few photos are M with the other Gintama cosplayers.

I believe DAY 2 has just ended but I have spent the day at home editing these pictures instead.



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