Labrador Park

We went to the Labrador Park recently. It was where I saw my first squirrel.

The first thing we saw was the police coast guard so front up close. After we neared it, it was too late and even after waiting for a while, this was the closest I could capture a photo of it.

The Choppy waves… had to take a photo of it.

There were a couple of people fishing, and I think I was too un-pro at trying to snip a photo of people fishing that this woman left before  I could take a photo of her preparing. She left her rod there for a while.

There were Indian boys who were fishing without rods, it was interesting, and I was hoping to see more, but that would be a little rude.

Then we went up high so much so that everything was so scary and tiny.

The wild orchids are pretty. I could not resist taking a few photos of it.

The Nature Reserve part of it. This is the nearest storeroom to the outskirts. This stores ammunition.

|End – Sorry no squirrel photos even though I mention them|


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