Kikki.K [enjoy series]

Years ago, when I first worked in a bookstore, I was placed in the life section after some time. It was there that I had encountered Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project. I was attracted by the slightly tattered copy of The Happiness Project with it’s bright colours of the cover and lively and factual narrative style of writing. I ended up buying the copy. I had finished the book, and had set it down with the other books in my room since, but I was pleasantly surprised when Kikki.K started to work with The Happiness Project and produced a series of Happiness-related products. I love them immensely, and had to purchase some of the products with my discount coupons.

[ A set of postcards + Stamps ]

I like Kikki.K store, but had never really found any reason to purchase it’s products. With this series, I am suddenly tempted to get so many products. I could have gone over to their website to purchase their products, but I was unable to resist going right over to the store to ogle over the products in action — thus that was exactly what I did…. boy had I had a hard time choosing what to get. Therefore, I was really happy to get these.

Definitely can’t wait to start stamping all over and also displaying the postcards…. these were really too lovely to be sent out. I would have to purchase another set for sending purposes.


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