About Zero Antiquity

I never did explain.

Zero Antiquity | Me. Aki. Mizu.

About | A gang of young adults being kids. Nothing specific.

Cosplay | We don’t cosplay as a group. But we do dress up for annual gatherings.

Annual Gathering | Every year, a theme is selected. One person will be the idea master who came up with the theme. Everyone given the rest of the year to come up with a costume for it + weapon, if there is. We eat. We drink. We take photos. We have fun. We have friends join us.

So far | 2008 [Lolita Picnic] 2009 [Alice in Wonderland] 2010 [chess] 2011 [Steampunk] 2012 [Seasons]

And that is all it is about. Nothing special. Just a gang of adults being kids.


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