[back in 2012] Zeroan Gakuen Cosplay Club

So I went to EOY2012 as a member of the Cosplay Club, in a secret theme to celebrate Aki’s Birthday… who refused to believe that we WOULD celebrate her dreaded birthday, so she got wonderfully surprised.

Here are the photos, coming LATE…. hahaha, that’s what happened when too many things happened and you are still clearing backlogs of last yr ATM.


Every member of the club opening their letter.


The Okumura Brothers~ in their ichigo napkins!! (lols)


Jan Ken Pon: Shadow King Vs Internal Affairs


Jan Ken Pon: Poor Field Agent vs Troublemaker


And much as our field agent dislike birthdays, it seems she was VERY satisfied with her presents. I know she loves moomin.


I have HAVE to show you this…. got inspired when Carrie from DGDIY did it for Christmas… I wanted to do it too, using three variations… 1) manga paper with washi tape (see the pic above this one, 2) gold chevron envelope with washi tape 3) thick AGED paper (don’t you love them?) with washi tape! I am so glad I found the washi tapes I loooove enough to finally own.


And doodling~ the washi tapes actually have very nice images at suitable points in the tape, but it’s on the sides of the packages.

Cosplay Club group photos…. NOTICE I AM AN UFO = NO LEGS!!! BWAHAHAHAH


So while we waited for the other cosplaying members of the cosplay club to get their costume into place, Yukio decided to play squeeze-the-panda.


Hei-Rin took over and do some cooking panda.

P.S. No pandas are hurt in our fun…. all’s well. ^_____,^


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