[365] update of 2012-2013 transition

I scrolled down Briefe An Anna, and saw so many cosplay posts.

Oh well, November-December is known as the busy period in my life. Cosplay events one after another, with birthdays injected in between, and we DO have attire-specific themes for birthdays. But this year seems to be busier, with my schedule running all the way into Jan before I finally can breathe…. but I am still working hard… quite obvious from how I am ignoring most of the spring animes. No, I am NOT ignoring… just don’t have the time to watch. I suspect I am only going to watch 1 or 2 for this season, and keep my list of old ones those which are still continuing into this season.

Then there is painting the room, re-organising, and etc. And also, yes… the emotional roller coaster which left me stunned/upset/angered/depressed for this week…. the drama was enough to choke me, I say… but I am finally moving on~ gonna see the 2012 backlogs all uploaded into BAA, and then we can move on into the newer excitements of 2013.

Self, YEA~~~ -for later-

Oh nya. The Room. or the correct name should be, The Clubhouse. Yes, I name my room the Clubhouse.

That was the first night of painting… the colours are Cumberland & While Sail. The room looks very messy because I have yet placed everything back.


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