167 [Seasons Cosplay 2012]

I made this video for the Zero Antiquity Gathering 2012…. after the shoot, I uploaded the photo and realised I could make a video, so I did. None of the images used were edited, cos I am just so lazy I reuploaded the vid after Mizu pointed out my typo… also upgraded the pictures ^____,^. I watched it about 30 times the first night I made it, and then lose interest today when I wanted to post it in the blog.

Posting it in the blog proved to be a whole problem on it’s own when I realised I can’t upload it to youtube cos I lost my email and tried to get it back… and I went over to flickr to upload instead. Then, I accidentally realised what IS my youtube account and got it back… only to decide I want to use flickr after I uploaded the video to youtube. After all, flickr is all so artsy, you know?


One thought on “167 [Seasons Cosplay 2012]

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