165 [x’mas decorations finally up]

I had volunteered myself for x’mas decorations over at my godmother’s house after I had seen last year’s tree. This tree had been there for maybe more than a decade, so I am really excited when she said yes. I wanted a tree full of memories and happiness and that is close to the heart. I forgot all about the ribbons I wanted on it though. I say, we NEED MORE DECORATIONS up there! But the pictures are halfway up only. The rest had to be hidden first for a game. OK with me since I got one of my I-WANNA-DO-IT things out of my list.


I started with the tree on my own while she finishes her housework.


Then while I continued my work with the tree, she started making this which, she wanted to do after flipping the ikea Christmas catalog. I helped her complete it before lunch.


After lunch, it was more arts and crafts. She admitted to me (first time I ever know!) she was bad in arts and crafts. I had cut out 25 flags beforehand, so I had her help me cut out some more (those white ones with red stars) and we are good to go. In fact, I made so many I had more than enough for my own room.
https://briefeananna.wordpress.comClose up of the flags.


Flag banner in my room – I only had one of the white flag with red stars though.


And my room, smartened up and decorated for Christmas  I had deposed on my old wooden bed that was just not good for space horders like me and got a day bed instead. So that means, a throw is WAY better than blankets. This throw is officially called a blanket in the ikea label actually.


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